Vegfest Bristol 2017 – the aftermath

So here we are, we made it past post number one and have actually managed to stay focused enough to bring you post number two…

As mentioned in our previous post, on the 20th May we went to Vegfest Bristol. This post is the aftermath, and by aftermath I mean a haul of EPIC proportion.


As you can probably see, if I discussed all of the products we purchased that day we would be here until next year (or at least Vegfest London) so I’m going to share with you just a few of the great things we bought…

The first things we got were desserts from Elspeth’s Kitchen. Having the worlds biggest sweet tooth, as soon as I found out they were going to be at Vegfest I knew I had to purchase a cake….or 3. Elspeth’s Kitchen were one of the first vegan sweet treat stalls I tried when I was new to the food coma inducing vegan festivals I’ve come to love so much, and they have remained one of my favourites ever since. The first item pictured was a hazelnut chocolate torte (with a bite already taken out of it thanks to Dan) which, surprisingly, I hadn’t had before. Whilst it was lovely, I would put it as my least favourite of the 3. The second dessert was a banoffee cheesecake, which isn’t shown to it’s true beauty in the photo due to it being damaged in transit (as opposed to partially eaten, which to be honest I had expected it to be). As a lover of all things banoffee, I was in heaven when I discovered this, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Saving the best til last, the third thing we got was the salted caramel slice (I can’t remember the exact name – oops) which I have had many a time in the past, and goddamn these things are insanely good.


Next up is Scoff fudge. THIS. STUFF. IS. AMAZING. Honestly. In the two and a half years I have been a vegan I have never had fudge this good, and it is 100% one of my all time favourite treats now, if not one of my favourite foods in general. The vanilla fudge had more of a crumbly texture and almost a cookie-like flavour. The chocolate and white chocolate raspberry fudges were both beautifully creamy and sweet, but the vanilla was definitely my favourite, and the entire bag was devoured within about 5 minutes. Seriously, you need to try this stuff.


Harth’s Himalayan sea salt truffles were another wonderful sweet treat. These truffles were perfectly soft and creamy, with a rich chocolate flavour that wasn’t overpowered by the sea salt, which I find is a regular occurrence with salted chocolate products (although I might just be saying that because I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and would choose lovely sweet chocolate over anything).


Finally, due to not wanting this post to be an entire novel, we have a collective haul of tuck shop type snacks, which basically means more chocolate and sweets. The first item (top of photo) is a Twilight bar, also known as the vegan Mars bar. A combination of caramel and chocolate nougat in a chocolate coating, these bars are perfect for those who miss the taste of a Mars bar, and who just love a really good junk food snack.
The next two items were Vegan Hero bars, one hazelnut, one white almond chocolate. I had heard many good things about these bars, but unfortunately they failed to impress both Dan and myself. They were much more nutty than they were chocolatey, and overall I found them to just be a bit boring.
Raspberry Ice Bites from Fabulous Free From Factory are a must have for any sweet lover. They have an incredible taste, just like raspberry icing, and they are ridiculously moreish (believe me…I have eaten entire packets of these in minutes on multiple occasions, and I regret nothing).
The salted vanoffee hazelnut bar from The Raw Chocolate Co was a bit of a weird one…it didn’t taste bad at all, and had a lovely creamy texture, but I wouldn’t go crazy on it – however I do think I need to taste test it again on a day when I hadn’t eaten so much that I was nauseous!
Moo Free’s banana bar was a big hit with Dan and myself. As avid and loyal fans of the Moo Free brand, we were super excited to finally try this bar that combined the beauty of chocolate with the classic staple of a vegan diet, the humble banana – and it was executed perfectly. The banana and the chocolate just worked so well together, but I don’t think anything will beat the Moo Free bunnycomb bar for me!
Crunchee Bites from Fabulous Free From Factory were another slightly unimpressive product. I have had quite a few vegan crunchy alternatives now, and honestly, these are my least favourite. The flavours were quite bland and uninteresting, which was disappointing considering this brand has made so many other great products.
Finally, we come to one of my favourite vegan sweets, Goody Good Stuff’s summer peaches. These sweets are the perfect candy, with a Haribo like texture and full of fruity flavour, proving you don’t need to ruin candy with gelatine to get an amazing sweet!


So, to summarise this slightly too long post, we bought too much, ate too much, and regretted none of it! I loved trying so many new products, and I’m sure we’ll be bringing you many more hauls in the future – we have a tendency to lose all willpower and purchase anything and everything at vegan events – so keep an eye out for those!

Peace. x

– TheVeganFox


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