Vegan Tuck Box ‘Chocoholic Box’ review

Something we have always been very honest about on this blog is our addiction to junk food. Burgers, pizza, ice cream, sweets – we love it all. But one of the greatest foods of all time is chocolate, and when we found out that Vegan Tuck Box offered a chocoholic box, we knew we had to try it.

The box arrived about a week after ordering, and we practically tore it open once we had it in our hands. It’s safe to say we weren’t disappointed with the amount in the box considering it had only cost £12.
Lets get into the reviews…


Vego (full sized ayyyy)

Chloe’s opinion;

Vego is the shit. Honestly. I love this stuff. It tastes like Nutella in a bar, and the large pieces of hazelnut add a lovely crunch to the otherwise beautifully smooth chocolate. I highly recommend this chocolate to anyone, and have had many a non-vegan say how damn good it is.

Dan’s opinion;

When I became vegan, this was one of the very first dairy-free chocolates I tried, and to this day it is one of my absolute faves. The chocolate itself is creamy with a nutty edge and is embedded with chunky hazelnuts. An absolute must if you haven’t tried it. (Fair warning, this is a very large chocolate bar).



Crunchy Choco Bites

Chloe’s opinion;

When I first saw these, I was SO excited – I thought I had finally found vegan malteasers. However, the choco bites were nice at best. They had the same texture as a malteaser, but I wasn’t really a fan of the dark chocolate coating. I had expected something a little bit sweeter, and I feel for a snack like this a less bitter chocolate would have worked better.

Dan’s opinion;

A little like vegan malteasers, these are crispy crunchy balls covered in dark chocolate. I only ate one of these, so perhaps my judgement isn’t hugely accurate, but I was underwhelmed. They were fine, but didn’t wow me with flavours. A perfectly adequate snack though.


Goupie Salted Sticky Toffee

Chloe’s opinion;

I’ll admit, I’m not a massive fan of these. I could easily chow down on one of these if my sugar cravings were bad and we had nothing else in the house, but other than that I’d probably stay away. They don’t really taste like toffee, and I think that’s what disappointed me most – I just want to find an amazing vegan toffee!

Dan’s opinion;

This is probably the third time I have had these now. I can’t get enough. For me, the balance between sweet and salt is perfect, although some might find them on the salty side. I wouldn’t describe them as ‘sticky toffee’ as such. More like soft, salted chocolate truffles. Regardless of this apparent misinformation, they are delicious treats and I highly recommend!


PeaNot Cups

Chloe’s opinion;

Chloe did not try these due to her strong dislike of peanuts, but she regrets it because Dan said they didn’t even taste that nutty.

Dan’s opinion;

These were the winner for me! (not that it was a competition) but they were delicious!! A thick delicious milk-style chocolatey layer eveloping sunflower butter peanotty goodness for all to enjoy (almost literally, they are free from just about everything including peanuts and gluten!) highly highly recommended.


Sarelle Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream Wafer

Chloe’s opinion;

I wasn’t able to try this due to it containing gluten, and I’m gutted because hazelnut + chocolate = my heaven. However when I have a free day in which I can mess my stomach up as much as I want, I’m going to try this!

Dan’s opinion;

This wasn’t something I had ever heard of before opening the chocoholic tuck box. It did not disappoint. Creamy dark chocolate and hazelnut filling with a crispy wafer and dark chocolate coating. It was rich, but light (meaning I could quite happily have indulged in several of them…hint hint @vegantuckbox ;)). Definitely worth a try!


Moo Free Crunchy Organic Banana Bar

Chloe’s opinion;

Moo Free has always been one of my favourite vegan chocolates. It was the first one I tried, and it has held a special place in my heart (and stomach) ever since. So when I found out they had teamed up with one of my favourite fruits and vegan staple, the humble banana, I was so excited. I will tell you this now – this bar does not disappoint. The banana adds a lovely texture and flavour to the already amazing chocolate. It’s not my favourite Moo Free chocolate (shoutout to ‘bunnycomb’ and ‘caramelised hazelnut nibs’) but it is insanely good and definitely my favourite item in this box along with the Vego.

Dan’s Opinion;

Moo Free chocolate has become a bit of a sweet-tooth staple when I have a chocolate craving. I’d argue that the chocolate itself isn’t sensational, but 1) it melts fantastically well over ice cream and 2) there are many varieties, like this one! I love chocolate and I love banana. It’s a win win. Although I find perhaps it is a little too heavy on the banana chunks.

Overall, this was a pretty damn good haul! Vegan Tuck Box delivered a fantastic mix of firm favourites and new delights alike. If you break down the prices of each item, it’s also good value for money. The box itself was £12 (plus £3.50 shipping) but you’re getting the added benefit of having a fresh, exciting selection delivered straight to your door.

To sum up, it is good value, and had a great selection of chocolatey treats. Make sure you order yourself one if you have a sweet tooth like us. ❤


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