Cornwall – A Vegan Review

Ever since I can remember, my family and I have spent about a week of each year in either Devon or Cornwall.
2017 has been no exception. The only difference this year is; I AM NOW VEGAN.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to ‘review’ Cornwall (as best I can, having spent only a week here) for its vegan-friendliness.

This year, we stayed in Perranporth.  A small(ish) coastal town on the north coast. The weather on the whole was pretty dreadful (as usual) but that didn’t stop us having fun! 

My entire family is omni, so I decided to do a little research to find myself some vegan options. It wasn’t long before I struck gold, and I didn’t have to look very far…

Good2Go Van – Perranporth (

The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company – St Agnes (

I discovered these little gems because I had made it my mission to find a vegan Cornish pasty. I was told by The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company that although the bakery in St. Agnes was shut on Sundays, their offerings were available at the Good2Go Van in Perranporth. They serve falafel, wraps, hot dogs, cakes and of course, pasties! I bought two frozen pasties to cook back at our house, and gobbled up the cheese and onion pasty that very night. Big, tasty, hearty comfort food. Highly recommend both of these vendors of you’re in the area.

Sprout Health Foods – Newquay (

This is a cute little health food store just off a shopping high street in central Newquay. They sell a variety of health and vegan/special dietary/frozen foods, snacks and toiletries. They also serve fresh, homemade vegan and gluten-free cakes. Naturally, I bought a slice of the banoffee pie and the salted caramel slice. They were both amazing! I obviously grabbed a Vego bar too. I mean, who wouldn’t? Overall, a great little store with all the essentials and some beautiful homemade cakes.

The Cornish Vegan – Truro (

My favourite discovery of the holiday. A cute, quaint little café in the heart of Truro, and the menu is entirely vegan! They serve a great variety of salads, sandwiches, hot dishes and desserts. My omni family were happy to come along and check it out, and they were highly impressed.

I ordered the ‘chickin’ sandwich, with fresh bread and homemade mayo, followed by a vegan cream tea with coconut cream. (I couldn’t resist, and I’m glad I didn’t). The atmosphere was relaxed, the staff were friendly and efficient, but most of all, the food was divine! The sandwich was hot and tasty. The bread and homemade mayo really took it up a notch, complimenting their own breaded wheat-gluten ‘chickin’ substitute perfectly. It was absolutely lovely.

But nothing prepared me for the incredible vegan cream tea. The scones were the best I have ever had. The coconut cream was light and creamy. The raspberry jam was sweet and tangy. I ate way more than I should have and I still wanted more.

If you are vegan and are ever in Cornwall, or even if you aren’t either of those things, COME HERE. You will not regret it.


Whilst not explicitly vegan or vegetarian, these establishments were more than happy to accommodate my dietary requirements. They gladly queried certain menu items with the chefs and confirmed what could be made available to me.

The Headland Hotel – Newquay (

A beautiful 4 star hotel located on the headland (as the name suggests) overlooking Fistral Beach. A wonderful view is accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere, and more than accommodating for those who just want to stop by for a drink. I asked if the soup of the day (butternut squash) was dairy/meat free. It was! And it was absolutely gorgeous. Sweet and seasoned to perfection with a fresh little tearing loaf on the side for dipping. There wasn’t much on the menu that was suitable (other than the classic chips and salad) but I’m sure had there been no menu options, they would have been happy to put something together for me.

The Watering Hole – Perranporth (

A pub/bar situation ON Perranporth beach. It has a friendly, buzzy atmosphere and lends itself to those who want to catch up on the latest sport. There is a ‘vegan platter’ on the menu with breads/veg/hummus, but I fancied something heartier. I asked about a couple of veggie offerings on the menu (The fajita and the Moroccan stew) and had it confirmed by the staff that if the sour cream and yoghurt were removed they would be vegan friendly options. I had the fajita and it was enormous, and very tasty. A huge seasoned bowl of veg, three tortilla wraps, fresh salsa and fresh guacamole. The guacamole in particular was delish. Recommended for all!

Mum – N/A 

For whipping up a lovely vegan cooked brekkie for me! THANKS MUM ❤

Overall, Cornwall surprised me with how accommodating it was for vegans. There were plenty of options everywhere. Some were exclusively vegan. Some were merely happy to accommodate vegan needs. Either way, I most definitely didn’t go without. Hopefully next time I can explore a little further afield and try some more of the delights that Cornwall has to offer.

Until next time… ❤

YoungGreenJackfruit x


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